Service Sheets

Creating booklets and large print version

There are several approaches that can be used, depending on the products you prefer / have available.

But there is one factor you may want to reconsider, and that is around provision of a large print version.

My experience is that it is rather difficult to enlarge text – a much easier approach is to reduce something.

Another factor in the overall process is distribution / copying.  Many people forget that proprietary products such as WORD do not always produce the same results on another persons computer.  Many people do not possess a copy of MS Office, and find they cannot print the file that has been sent.

A useful trick is to create the original as an A4 size page in WORD, this would typically have four pages;  Then export the document as a PDF file.  The PDF (Adobe) print system has an option to print as a ‘Booklet’ – this automatically handles the page placement, and a double-sided booklet on a single piece of A4 can be printed.

The concept can extend to any number of pages (in multiples of Four) – saving you the problem of how to make your text flow.

Document Creation

To use the approach you need to use larger fonts than usual – so that when the document is turned into a booklet you end up with readable text.

Typical dimensions / fonts are:

  • Left margin: 1.5 to 2cm (see note below)
  • Normal text: 16pt
  • Headings 20pt

Note – you may want to think about the way you indicate leader / congregational text. If you want ‘All’ in the left margin of congregational text, you may want to have a 2cm left margin, and use an ‘Undent’ / Bold combination for the text.

The Large Print Version

This will still be a booklet, but printed on A3 paper (folded to A4).  If prefered, it could be 4 single sided pages, stapled.




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