5 Guys Named Moe

This is for a few male singers; all lines provided individually. I have tried to make each track as short as reasonable for each singer, every track has the first section in (omitting the first 8 bars intro).

You may find it easier to use the video to learn the first / solo sections, and use my tracks to learn the harmony.

This version seems to follow our music fairly well….and may help you practice you part in the context of the whole song.
Boy A – skips boys B to E and picks up again at Bar 49

Boy B – skips boys C and D and picks up again at Bar 45 (Boy B comes in again at Bar 48)

Boy C – As music up to and including Boy C, then skips boys D ans E, coming in again at Bar 48.

Boy D – skips boys A and B, and most of C – picks up at Bar 35. Boy E solo is played. All join again at Bar 51.

Boy E – skips boys A to C and most of D, then picks up at Bar 43.