I use the menu name cautiously – but we never know what inspires others in some way. These are all my original compositions.

There Is a Hope

My most recent attempt is more ‘Spiritual’ in form – I even manage a change of key!

There is a Love

An Irish Blessing (Choral)

My first journey after my online course was to write an original choral arrangement based on a traditional ‘Irish Blessing’. Having the words as a start makes a real difference to approach – but I had a go.

The lyrics (which I have augmented a little) are:

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warmly upon your face,
The rain fall softly on your fields.

And until we meet again,
may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

Words: Traditional

After an introduction, I repeat the first section, than extend the second section (.. and until we meet again) to emphasise ‘Hold’ and ‘Hand’.

It is three part at present – the next step is to get it recorded and set to a video…. this version has been produced in Sibelius.

A Gaelic Blessing – Sop / Alto / TB
A Gaelic Blessing

Orchestral Experiment

I have managed to regain some sense of being able to ‘hear’ the music I would like to write (getting songs or musical themes out of our heads can ne a long process!).

My starting point was a very simple and insignificant set of notes:

C G B C A A A G (the first four notes all rise higher – so a distinct 7th in the progression) This is not particularly ‘tuneful’ but it resonated for me – so I wondered what may become of it.

The chord progression was very ‘standard’ I think:
C – F – G – C F – G – C – F – G – C – G

I managed a variation on this part way through (thinking of structure etc). I then worked on a couple of counter melodies.

I found that the piece originally just kept getting more complicated (and louder!) The later stages involved getting rid of some notes / instruments to give more clarity to the themes / and better light / shade in the volumes.

The end is probably rather abrupt – I may change it later. But in some ways it is a sudden conclusion to something that finally comes together.

My sense is we hear something of God – but can’t understand, as time goes on the different melodies are consistent and come together at the end (I’ll work on this description!)

The result so far (from Sibelius)

Hope – David White 2020
Bible quotes reflecting a theme of Hope.

The video was an afterthought in terms of composition; the whole project started with the first few notes you hear.

Show Us Your Ways

This hymn is an attempt at choral harmony again (only three parts for now). It has a simple verse / chorus structure and my thanks to friends for recording the vocal lines in lockdown.