God & Science Songs

Have you ever thought about the way God and Science work in harmony? This is one of several songs, written for younger people, that explore science and God’s creation.

I have been helping with this project for several months now; in the early stages where a piano score was required, getting the harmony right and making sure the music reflected the number of verses etc. There were several changes here, with a broad group involved in critiquing the words and formally approving them.

I use Sibelius (I use the ‘Ultimate’ version) for score production, using their web based score viewing platform to allow access for reviewers to see the harmony / listen as required. There is a simple free version (which I have never tried, as it was launched after I purchased my copy).

For the video versions I found they needed a small introduction, with a short inter-verse break. The version of the music required for this was surprisingly different to the published score. In the end I decided to create a new version of each piece (appropriately suffixed ‘All Verses’). Sometimes it was only a matter of managing repeats, in other cases it was necessary to tie some notes to makes the words fit well.

For the intro I also used a different instrument for the melody – simply to make it more obvious where the intro / breaks occurred.

Sibelius provides an export of the audio in mp3 format – with a number of quality levels / resulting file sizes; this worked very well as the final stage of music production. The result below is using MS Powerpoint – using the technique explained in my Powerpoint post.

Thank You for the Bees