Kesgrave Singers – 2021

Each song title in this repertoire is listed below. Click on the song title to view / download music (ideally you will already have this provided, but you may wish to print another copy or simply to view it on screen.
Music will open in a new tab in your web browser – this will allow you to play a backing track and view the music at the same time.

Please note: We may not be performing all of these items – please check the current repertoire on the Home Page.

When I’m Sixty-Four

  • Men start this piece – at the page turn, men are marked ‘Baritone’
  • There is a one-note divide at bar 28 – S2 should sing the B Flat please, followed by the Soprano D (singing “too”). This happens at bar 61 as well.
  • Top page 5 – keep the staccato notes short (stay   with   you).
  • Page 7 – Bar 54, S2 please sing the small notes shown.
  • Page 10 – Bar 80, S2 sing small notes, Altos sing top notes (unison with Soprano)
  • BAR 83 – watch the conductor! there is a quaver rest!!!!!
  • Bar 87 – S2 sing small notes.
  • Bars 91 to 94 – S2 sing smaller notes.
Tenor / Bass

Chariot’s Comin

  • At the start of the piece – ALL sing Part II (Unison as marked).
  • At Bar 26, the voices divide; Part I is Sop1 and Sop2, Part II is Alto and Men.
  • We all sing (Unison) at Bar 42, dividing again over the page (as before).
  • From Bar 106, Sopranos sing the Descant (top line), S2 continue to sing Part I, Altos and Men sing Part II
  • Bar 118, the notes change to Minims, which makes the tempo seem slower.
  • From Bar 122 there are accents over some notes, please sing them!
  • The final ‘Yeah’ is said NOT sung
Voice 1
Voice 2

The Exodus Song

This is my arrangement from the film staring Pat Boone. The piano score is very scant – we will be working from the words version as supplied on the above link. The backing we will use for performance is different (but the same speed).

  • Men start the piece – watch conductor for timing.
  • Bar 44 – Altos sing lower note, S2 please sing upper notes of Alto line.
  • Final notes – S2 please sing the Tenor Middle C.  Men sing the low C.
Tenor / Bass

The Complete History of Western Music

You have a copy of this in your current music folder. The music available on the above link reduces the number of pages to 4 (but is smaller than the original). There are 2 vocal lines, please rehearse the one you have worked on previously.

  • Part I – Sopranos (1 & 2)
  • Part II – Altos / Men
  • Unison (all sing) at start – watch the accents (e.g. Sto-ry)
  • Bar 78 – watch conductor!
  • Bar 105 – watch conductor for end of … berg!
  • Bar 114 – pronounce I-gor as E-gor (as in See)
  • Bar 126 – Sop2 take lower note of part I. Altos take upper note / men take lower of Part II
Part 1
Part 2

Hushabye Mountain

This song has been performed previously, but I think this is a new (slightly more varied) arrangement. Please use the music form the link above for now. A printed copy with piano score will be available when we are able to rehears in the building.

  • Bar 32 – watch for timing.
  • Bar 40 to 43 – Sop1 only please. (for the Ooo’s)
  • Bar 93 – watch conductor for timing
  • Last 3 bars – watch conductor.
Tenor / Bass

From Now On

You will have have music in your folders; the version here is identical in terms of harmony. Use the vocal line you have been allocated previously.

Soprano / Voice 1
Alto & Men / Voice 2