Kesgrave Singers – Current Programme items

Each song title in this repertoire is listed below. Click on the song title (only if Blue underlined) to view / download music (ideally you will already have this provided, but you may wish to print another copy or simply to view it on screen.

In addition to the main repertoire we will retain three pieces from the 2021 programme; please make sure you bring these to rehearsals, and concerts. The pieces are:

We will have some pieces as unison / community style singing; these pieces will be supplied as words only on double sided sheets. Please make sure you have copies of the words at each rehearsal.

Set A

Set B (Note this is revised to correct the problem with ‘Sailing’)

Song Numbering for Concerts
(Please note, your concert folder must be black)

Please order your folder as follows, with each song identified with a number. I have kept the numbers from 1 to 12, as this is a common format for suitable numeric dividers.

  1. (a) Chariots Comin
    (b) From Now On
    (c) When I’m 64
  2. California Dreamin
  3. Imagine
  4. Panis Angelicus
  5. You Raise Me Up
  6. (-)
  7. Les Miserables
  8. A Million Dreams
  9. (-)
  10. (-)
  11. The Lord Bless You and Keep You
  12. This Little Light

The order of songs for any concert may vary, and may not be in ascending order.
A planned sequence for each concert will be published prior to performance.
Make sure you have Sets A & B easily available as well.

A Million Dreams

Soprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto and Tenor/Bass (Alto Line on music)

California Dreamin

Soprano (Line II)
Alto / S2 (Line I)
Tenor / Bass (Line III on original music)


Soprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto and Tenor/Bass

Les Miserables

It is best for you to use an original (purchased copy) of the music; this gives the choir / conductor more options for future performances. The original music is only available in a minimum order of FIVE copies, so purchasing coordination will be needed.

Following some early problems at rehearsal (with some notes / words missing!) the printable score with the songs we are singing is available in 2 versions.

Soprano / Alto version – this has all the words in now and is more compact than the Bass version.

Sop / Alto / Bass version – this is aimed at the men (but has the other lines as well)

Please note: If you need to write on any original (purchased) music, please use pencil (not pen or highlighter)

Sop / Alto

You sing your respective lines from the beginning, stopping at Bar 132 (Men only).

Sop / Alto join again at Bar 145 – stopping at 199 (Men only)

Sop Alto join again at 207 (All sing Sop Line)

Men only Bar 227 to 235

(Men only Bar 242)

Sop / Alto Sing to end of piece as marked.

Soprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto (Men sing this line for most of the time)

Men – you are singing:
All bar references are for the original music (we do not sing all of it, so there are gaps!)

  • From the beginning (the Alto line) to bar 41 (“… at the end of the day”)
  • Bars 75 to 78 – sing the Alto line – then stop singing until next section.
  • Bar 133 onwards (men only line singing this section – on the top line of original music)
  • Bar 199 to 227 – this may be a limited group of male voices – I may get other lines to join at some point.
  • Bar 227 to 235 – men only – stop singing at the middle of bar 235
  • Men do not sing bars 235 to 240
  • Men start singing again at 241 (Forgive me all…) to Bar 251
  • Men do not sing 252 to 261
  • Men sing the Alto line from 261 to the end.

The Tenor/Bass line will often follow the Altos, but there are places where the TB line will take the lead. The bar numbers of these sections are provided.

Bars 138 to 208
Bars 241 to the end

‘God On High’ – Men sing Sop line / Altos join as written

‘God on High’ – Upper voice (Up stems)
‘God on High’ – Lower voice (downstems)

This Little Light of Mine

Tenor / Bass

Panis Angelicus (Ladies Only)

Alto (Men not singing this piece)

You Raise Me Up

This is a new song for this year. Printed (purchased) music will be provided.

The music has been updated to correct the Alto line at the beginning (the rehearsal track has not changed and was always correct).


The Lord Bless You and Keep You

Please check the version you have – it needs to have a TB line on the third system of the first page.

The TB Line has been changed at the end – to eliminate the rather high notes! (I will bring a printed copy for each of you for the next rehearsal).

The following tracks match the music (on the above link)

Tenor / Bass (Reflects the recent change to the ending)

Chariot’s Comin

  • At the start of the piece – ALL sing Part II (Unison as marked).
  • At Bar 26, the voices divide; Part I is Sop1 and Sop2, Part II is Alto and Men.
  • We all sing (Unison) at Bar 42, dividing again over the page (as before).
  • From Bar 106, Sopranos sing the Descant (top line), S2 continue to sing Part I, Altos and Men sing Part II
  • Bar 118, the notes change to Minims, which makes the tempo seem slower.
  • From Bar 122 there are accents over some notes, please sing them!
  • The final ‘Yeah’ is said NOT sung
Voice 1
Voice 2

From Now On

Soprano / Voice 1
Alto & Men / Voice 2

When I’m 64

Tenor / Bass