Kesgrave Singers

Welcome to our choir resources home page; here you will be able to access music for rehearsals.

We rehearse every Monday Afternoon from 2pm to 4pm at the Kesgrave Scout Hall

We charge £10 a month per person – which covers costs of hall hire and music.

13th September: Rehearsal Plan (This is my planned order, but we may practice other pieces if there is time – bring all your music!)

  • When I’m 64
  • Exodus Song
  • From now on
  • Hushabye mountain
  • Festive Christmas
  • Bright Christmas

At each rehearsal you should see a piece of paper on your seat with the following weeks planned pieces (if I remember to do it!)

Our current guidance for rehearsals is:

  • You must have received both vaccinations at least one month prior to the first rehearsal you attend
  • Do not attend a rehearsal if any symptoms of illness (including cold etc)
  • If you take a COVID test which proves positive, you must advise the Choir Chair & Conductor immediately
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided for you on entry to the hall; please consider using it
  • Do not share your music
  • Subscriptions are to be the correct money in an envelope (not at the first rehearsal, wait until 1st week of August)
  • Bring your own pencil (do not share)
  • Refreshments will not be available, please bring your own.
  • Access to the kitchen will be strictly limited
  • A register of attendance will be kept each week

The above is subject to change depending on guidance that is current for the rehearsal.


Non-seasonal pieces


Songs to December 2021

We will work on a mix of festive / regular pieces, this list may change, but the current plan is:

  • Exodus Song
  • Hushabye Mountain
  • The History of Western Music
  • When I’m Sixty Four
  • Chariots Comin (Swing Low)
  • From Now On
  • Do you hear what I hear?
  • O Holy Night
  • Midnight
  • Angel’s Carol
  • Believe
  • Bright Christmas
  • Festive Christmas Medley

Concert Dates (Please advise of dates you cannot make)

Programme for Spring 2022

Some of the pieces have already been circulated, or previously used by the choir. As we get closer to 2022 you will need to check which music you have, or will need. If you need music it would be ideal if you could email me the song titles you need (or if you wish you can print a non-piano version on your own printer.

Your conductor

My name is David and I have played piano since the age of 5. For over 30 years I was musical director for St Mary’s Church, Walton, Felixstowe, leading the 4 part choir. I then worked with Orwell Connexion Choir (Felixstowe) for about 5 years (meeting a very able accompanist called Emma Haggar!).

More recently I formed a new community choir, based at Wyverstone (near Stowmarket) – it was very popular, but sadly, due to my wife’s retirement, a move back to Felixstowe meant it had to close.

Over the past year or two I have been singing with Cantus Firmus Choir, as well as Majestic Voices (Felixstowe).

Much of my working life was around Ipswich, living in Rushmere St Andrew; my two daughters went to dancing lessons at the Kesgrave Community Centre (I recall it being built!).

I am retired from my work at Suffolk County Council (working in Highways and Computing) – since early retirement I have obtained a Masters In Management, and been ordained as a Priest in the Anglican Church. I am now licensed as a Self Supporting Minister in Old Felixstowe Parish.

My main hobby is around music, working with technology to produce recordings / videos, and even managed a little composing during the lockdown. My musical tastes tend toward light / contemporary, my favourite musical period is probably around the 50s / 60s – I have been known to entertain in older peoples homes over the years with a sing-song or two.